Rhythm Machines for Ableton Live

Rhythm Machine Complete Collection

Rhythm Machines for Ableton Live brings you the complete library of 500 Impulse drum kits for your electronic music projects. Including over 1000 versatile device presets that should fit well into most genres and musical styles.

The Rhythm Machines Live Pack

  • 500 specially designed Impulse drum kits (1000 total presets).
  • 1714 drum samples in 24-bit quality.
  • 87 example Live clips.
  • Reorganised and optimised for the Ableton Live 9 Browser (Places).

Audio and Midi effects

Above all that we have added more options directly available through the 16 macros to give you a much broader range of control over the final sound of each Impulse kit. By automating these macros or tweaking them in real time you can add diversity and a less mechanical feel as you design your entire drum track for the mix using just one rack.

Togeo Studios - Rhythm Machines instrument rack for Ableton Live screenshot

With the remixer macro you now have 64 kit variations that can be applied to each midi drum clip you feed it. There is also an improved specially designed humaniser to help you get your groove on which can add controlled, yet random dynamic breaks, stutters and glitches to your drum track. By adding just a little bit you will get small variations and hits, but turn it up for more chaos as much as you like in your mix.

The Rhythm Machines kit demos consist of a 1 bar midi drum loop, some real-time knob tweaking and nothing else. You can hear the wide variety of sounds that can be produced with each of the diverse racks and their built-in midi and audio effects. These loop tracks are included in the Rhythm Machines clip folder.

Rhythm Machines Complete