Ambient Spaces for Sylenth

Ambient Spaces for Sylenth is a new bank of 128 presets featuring textured soundscapes, evolving atmospheric effects and airy pads. Perfect for experimental, ambient, electronic music as well as for video and film sountracks. This Sylenth soundset will provide added inspiration for your next music production or video project.

Freedom 128 for Sylenth1

Togeo Studios - Free Soundset for Sylenth1 VST.

Our free bank of patches for the LennarDigital Sylenth1 VST is now available for download and has been updated. This soundest now contains 128 preset patches mixed with arps, leads, basses, keys, synths, sequences and atmospheric texture soundscapes.



As of Sylenth1 v2.2.1 this bank is now included with the factory presets (Located in Factory bank 3, sub-bank 3)


Also: Be sure to check out our custom designed Complete Soundset for Sylenth1 which contains 512 patches (4 full banks)!

Complete 512 for Sylenth1

Togeo Studios - Soundset 1 Complete bundle for Sylenth1 VST.

Togeo Studios is proud to present our first soundset created for the excellent Sylenth1 Vst synth from LennarDigital. Sylenth1 is a virtual analog synthesizer with 4 alias-free unison oscillators, 7 built in effects and an arpeggiator step sequencer. With its low cpu usage and the two excellent analog sounding filters Sylenth1 can arguably rival many analog hardware synths.

The Sylenth1 Soundset consists of the following 512 presets:

  • ARP – Arpeggiated Sequences (79)
  • BAS – Basses (83)
  • DRU – Drums (22)
  • GAT – Gated Sequences (13)
  • KEY – Keys and Organs (24)
  • LED – Leads (44)
  • PAD – Pads (48)
  • SEQ – Sequences (99)
  • SFX – Sound Effects (10)
  • SYN – Synth Pads (59)
  • TEX – Atmospheric Textures (27)
  • Togeo Patches (4)
  • The individual patch folder is also included


This complete set of four banks, 512 professional sound presets, is an excellent addon set that will compliment any music project or performance. A mixed set of hi quality instruments that fully utilises all aspects of the Sylenth1 parameters, filters and effects resulting in a totally dynamic and unique sound experience. The full implementation of the mod wheel and aftertouch allows each preset to have a wide range of varying sound capabilities.