Ambient Spaces for Sylenth

Ambient Spaces for Sylenth is a new bank of 128 presets featuring textured soundscapes, evolving atmospheric effects and airy pads. Perfect for experimental, ambient, electronic music as well as for video and film sountracks. This Sylenth soundset will provide added inspiration for your next music production or video project.

Simple Synths for Ableton Live

Togeo Studios - Simple Synths Bundle for Ableton Live.

The Simple Synths Bundle is a free Ableton Live pack. It is a compilation package of four seperate Togeo Studios products from 2008-2009. They have been cleaned up and repacked together as a single Live Ready pack that will install automatically into your Ableton library in one clean and easy process.


The Simple Synth Library

Containing a total of 2269 instrument presets using 480 high quality samples. The 94 Mb download weighs in at just 247 Mb unpacked. This is a huge sound library with a large assortment of basses, synths, keys, leads, pads and atmospheric soundscapes that will be the inspiration for many new musical creations.


The bundle is comprised of the following:

  • SST BASS – 500 bass instruments.
  • SST LEADS – 350 Lead instruments
  • SST KEYS – 375 Keys , organs and electric pianos.
  • SST GENS V2 – 1085 Atmospheric pads, drones textures and soundscapes.

Dreamscapes 2 for Ableton Live

Dreamscapes 2 for Ableton Live is the second installment in a series of soundscape packs created by Togeo Studios.

This free download consists of 160 dreamlike atmospheres, nightmarish effects and spacey pad presets for the Ableton Live Simpler device.

These sounds will fit well into soundtracks for videos as well as ambient and industrial music projects.

Each instrument rack has 8 preassigned macro knobs for controlling important tweaking parameters for the filters and envelopes. Continue reading “Dreamscapes 2 for Ableton Live”

Dreamscapes for Ableton Live

Togeo Studios - Dreamscapes for Ableton Live.

Dreamscapes for Abletion Live is a new series of synths from Togeo Studios for the Live Simpler instrument device.

Dreamscapes part 1 is set of 135 atmospheres, textures, drones, sound effects and evolving ambient pad synths. The soundscape presets are divided into two sections for single and multisample pads and should be useful in musical styles with experimental, ambient, idm, soundtracks and most other music projects.

The samples used in Dreamscapes are a set of fifty 24-bit, 44.1khz audio wave files.

Each preset has been grouped in an instrument rack with eight macro controls. There are controls available for the amplitude envelope attack and release, filter and lfo settings and some of the devices have additional effects added.  these controls give each simpler device preset a wide range of tweaking capabilities and can produce a vast array of soundscapes and musical textures for your music productions.

Sonic Spheres – Free Audio Loops

Our third installment of free downloads is a set of atmosheric audio loops designed for ambient, chillout, lounge artists. Sonic Spheres pt1 is a pack of 10 evolving atmosherical soundscapes perfect for adding into the background of your next track and gently bringing out the emotion in your mix. Cool ambient breezes to machine like tones with just the right amount of fuzz and dirt for an earthy quality that reaches to the sky.

Professionally recorded in our studio, these loops are 16bit, 44khz wave format for use within Ableton Live, Acid Pro, Sonar or any other program that uses PCM wav files.

As always, these quality audio loops are absolutely free for you to download and use in your music projects without any restriction. We will be releasing the rest of the series of free 10-packs over the next several weeks, so check back often. Togeo Studios offers free resources of audio loops and samples, VST effect and instrument presets as well as some of our own custom midi data. We offer these free sound resources to our visitors as an introduction to Togeo Studios and hope you will find them useful and inspiring.

Mix them, mash them or slice them up, they are yours to do with as you please. If you come up with a nice track, be sure to post a link to it in the forums and let us hear what you’ve done. The only limits are your imagination, so start creating music with Togeo Studios.