Dreamscapes 3 for Ableton Live

Dreamscapes 3 Togeo Studios free Ableton Live pack.

Part three of the Dreamscapes series, another free Ableton Live pack from Togeo Studios is now available for download. Dreamscapes 3 contains another 100 plus, selection of airy soundscapes, mystical pads and ambient drones for Ableton Live. Great for ambient elecronic music, soundtracks, experimental projects and more.

Each of the presets are using a Live simpler device wrapped in an instrument/effects rack with eight macro controls to further tweak the sounds. As a starting point they can be used as is. The more adventerous among you can open up the device rack and get full control over filters, envelopes and modulations for even more variety in sounds.

Dreamscapes 2 for Ableton Live

Dreamscapes 2 for Ableton Live is the second installment in a series of soundscape packs created by Togeo Studios.

This free download consists of 160 dreamlike atmospheres, nightmarish effects and spacey pad presets for the Ableton Live Simpler device.

These sounds will fit well into soundtracks for videos as well as ambient and industrial music projects.

Each instrument rack has 8 preassigned macro knobs for controlling important tweaking parameters for the filters and envelopes. Continue reading “Dreamscapes 2 for Ableton Live”

Buhya Bass for Ableton Live

Buhya Bass Ableton Live pack.

Buhya Bass is a collection of free Ableton Live clips, presets and loops. This release contains 25 basslines using modified instrument settings from the SST BASS V2 Live pack.

The clips each have a midi bassline and a simpler instrument rack with macros setup for further tweaking of the bass sounds. Because of how Ableton Live works be sure to load each clip individualy into a fresh track so that you get that clips preset bass sound loaded with it. By opening the device you can adjust  the sound parameters further. After you fine tune the instrument knobs and parameters you can save those instruments as well for later use.  You can use these clips with any other instrument as well by simply dropping them onto another Live or vst instrument track.

This live pack was intended as a bit of a fun exercise for beginning users in Abletons creative process and how you can grow your personal sound library with the clip and device preset features in Live. Have fun with it!

There is also an additional 25 audio wave loops of these basslines included that were created using the midi clips. The second part of this series will have to do with using midi and effects racks. Join the forum discusions if you have any questions or have tips that you would like to share.

Dreamscapes for Ableton Live

Togeo Studios - Dreamscapes for Ableton Live.

Dreamscapes for Abletion Live is a new series of synths from Togeo Studios for the Live Simpler instrument device.

Dreamscapes part 1 is set of 135 atmospheres, textures, drones, sound effects and evolving ambient pad synths. The soundscape presets are divided into two sections for single and multisample pads and should be useful in musical styles with experimental, ambient, idm, soundtracks and most other music projects.

The samples used in Dreamscapes are a set of fifty 24-bit, 44.1khz audio wave files.

Each preset has been grouped in an instrument rack with eight macro controls. There are controls available for the amplitude envelope attack and release, filter and lfo settings and some of the devices have additional effects added.  these controls give each simpler device preset a wide range of tweaking capabilities and can produce a vast array of soundscapes and musical textures for your music productions.

Wave Attack II for Ableton Live

Wave Attack 2 - Acid Reign. Free Ableton Live pack from Togeo Studios.

Wave Attack 2 – Acid Reign is a free Ableton Live pack from Togeo Studios.

This is the second pack of the Wave Attack series based on single-cycle waveforms. Acid Reign consists of fifty Live Simpler devices grouped into instrument racks with effects.

Biting, searing leads and basses with a unique sound, this live pack provides the tools to punch up your next mix. These presets work exceptionally well on sequenced or arpegiated riffs.

The single-cycle waveforms allow for a very small file size but deliver a very large saturated sound perfect for use in electronic music genres of all types.

Download the Togeo Studios Wave Attack II – Acid Reign, free Ableton Live pack.

Santa Synths for Ableton Live

Santa Synths - Togeo Studios free Ableton Live pack.

Togeo Studios first freebie for the holiday season is another Ableton Live pack straight from the North Pole.

Santa Synths is a pack of 125 icey pads, jingley bells and frosty bass instruments for the Ableton Live Simpler device. Based around 60, 24-bit 44.1khz audio samples, these synth sounds are well suited for the holiday music making season.

We have a few more presents in store for the coming weeks, so lets get started.