Drum Bits

The Drum Bits Ableton live pack contains 133 electronic drum racks based on over 300 high quality 24-bit drum samples.

Pad Controls

Each 16 pad drum kit is divided into 4 drum groups with separate macro controls for the pitch and decay of each group. Special effect macros include controls for reverb, chorus, phaser, ping pong delays and an adjustable randomiser to add a human feel to the beat. Also included is the Togeo Studios special pattern changer midi effect. The pattern changer macro allows for 16 variations of any single midi clip you trigger giving a wide variety of interesting new drum beats and instant fills.
Drum Bits for Ableton Live 9 - Macro Controls

Drum Racks

Besides the single kit racks are a large selection of multi-chain racks with up to 4 kits which produce layered, morphing sounds for even more variety and control within your drum sessions. Switching between the different sounds and layers is easily controled by a single morph kit macro. By adjusting each of the layered kits group pitch and decay settings you can come up with an infinite set of new variations.

Added Content

Also in the pack are 36 live sets containing 187 drum clips which can be dragged into a session. Each set is a single track with one drum rack and several midi drum clips. Togeo Studios Drum Bits are primarily designed for use in electronic music. More than just standard drum kits Drum Bits has many fx hits, stabs, synth and bass samples integrated making them especially useful in minimal techno, house and experimental IDM genres of music.

Beat April 2012


Drum Bits V1 was included in the article “Best Ableton Instruments” by Marco Scherer from the April 2012 print version of Beat Magazine.

About the demo

Each Loop was created using a single Drum Bits Kit and one live clip, all sounds are from Drum Bits recorded as is with no extra processing.

Beatmaker Classics for Ableton Live

Beatmaker Classic Pack 1 for Ableton Live

The Beatmaker Classics is a new series of free Live packs for Ableton from Togeo Studios. BMC pack 001 contains fifty drum kits. There are forty impulse set and ten of the kits using drum rack device groups.

This is the first of a long series of free drum and percussion kits from Togeo Studios and rounds out the basic Simple Synth (SST) library that we began last year. The BMC Pack 1 samples are all 24-bit, 44khz in wav format of classic drum machines perfect for use in every style from classic rock  to modern electronic dance music genres.

Using the Live device rack macro controllers you can create an unlimited number of variations from the basic presets. There are seperate controls for the kick drums pitch, decay and volume allowing you to transform the overall kits pitch and sample release  while retaining individual control of the kick drums tuning.

Effect racks contain standard reverb and delay as well as more exotic control effects to experiment with.