Electro Excursions 2 – Drum Loops

Electro Excursions 2 is a free pack of 134 drum loops from Togeo Studios. We originally posted the first part a while back with 10 loops and completely forgot about posting the rest. Well, this is complete pack and we included the original pack of ten, plus an extra thirty-four bonus loops to help make up for our forgetfulness.

To be completely honest, it was not so much the fact that we forgot as just that we have been very busy.  Between trying to get the studio site,  forum and the newer Togeo Music netlabel up and running, it became easy to let a few things slip onto the backburner.

But things are starting to get caught up and so we started looking through our loop

and sample library to see what we could box up and make available. We also have several other sets of audio loop projects that we will be polishing up and getting on the download pages real soon. We have not forgotten about Ableton users either and have some goodies coming there way too.

Back to the topic at hand, the files are in 16 bit, 44.1khz wav format and should work well in most music software and sequencers that can load audio loops in that data format, such as Ableton Live, Acid pro, Project5, Sonar and more.