Dreamscapes for Ableton Live

Dreamscapes for Abletion Live is a new series of synths from Togeo Studios for the Live Simpler instrument device.

Dreamscapes part 1 is set of 135 atmospheres, textures, drones, sound effects and evolving ambient pad synths. The soundscape presets are divided into two sections for single and multisample pads and should be useful in musical styles with experimental, ambient, idm, soundtracks and most other music projects.

The samples used in Dreamscapes are a set of fifty 24-bit, 44.1khz audio wave files.

Each preset has been grouped in an instrument rack with eight macro controls. There are controls available for the amplitude envelope attack and release, filter and lfo settings and some of the devices have additional effects added.  these controls give each simpler device preset a wide range of tweaking capabilities and can produce a vast array of soundscapes and musical textures for your music productions.