Buhya Bass for Ableton Live

Buhya Bass is a collection of free Ableton Live clips, presets and loops. This release contains 25 basslines using modified instrument settings from the SST BASS V2 Live pack.

The clips each have a midi bassline and a simpler instrument rack with macros setup for further tweaking of the bass sounds. Because of how Ableton Live works be sure to load each clip individualy into a fresh track so that you get that clips preset bass sound loaded with it. By opening the device you can adjust  the sound parameters further. After you fine tune the instrument knobs and parameters you can save those instruments as well for later use.  You can use these clips with any other instrument as well by simply dropping them onto another Live or vst instrument track.

This live pack was intended as a bit of a fun exercise for beginning users in Abletons creative process and how you can grow your personal sound library with the clip and device preset features in Live. Have fun with it!

There is also an additional 25 audio wave loops of these basslines included that were created using the midi clips. The second part of this series will have to do with using midi and effects racks. Join the forum discusions if you have any questions or have tips that you would like to share.