Togeo history

TS Blog is our personal blog and journal, what we are workinging on, progress on our projects and a little bit about our lives.

This last couple of weeks have been real hectic as we work on getting the site set up. Anyone who knows us will realise that for us this is a major stepping stone that we have been fumbling around with for several years. We have went through a number of changes with this domain and other projects we have been involved with, but are finally bringing it all together.

It started about four years ago when we wanted to put up a little website for a place to store our art and music on the net. My real name is George and sum-1 is Tobias so we came up with Togeo as a combination of our names. Well little did we realise how much we had to learn. To accomplish all of the things we would need just to get the site up and running just right, even before we got into the artistic side of things was going to be a big educational process. Continue reading “Togeo history”

Welcome To Togeo Studios

Togeo Studios Audio and Sound Design. Here you will find articles, reviews, tutorials and downloadable resources to help keep you informed and up to date in the audio production and sound design arena. We will be publishing in-depth reviews and informative articles to help you come to terms with the popular software and synthesis packages and plugins available to get your home studio up and running smoothly. Togeo Studios loop packs and synth presets as well as interactive tutorials and videos and many other audio resources will be available to download. The TS Forum will provide a friendly and active format for like minded users to meet and discuss audio production and sound design.

In the near future we will be hosting contests and events were Togeo Studio members can show off their own creations and win prizes. So keep an eye out for announcements with information concerning dates, times and rules for participation.

We hope that you find this site useful and are looking forward to building a strong and knowledgable community.